How we Invest?
We are focused on creating value. We invest in companies that are ready for growth and have a repeatable, scalable, disruptive and simple businesses that they wish to accelerate.

We look for business models that are built to be profitable at a unit economic level and that have significant operating leverage. We work closely with management to model the economic drivers of their business, so that our mutual investment in growth yields results.

  • SimpleIf it can’t be simply explained we are not interested. Keep it simple and smart (not stupid)
  • RepeatableIn the context of customer acquisition, repeat-ability means that when we add a unit of input into a customer acquisition effort, we generally know what level of output will be achieved.
  • ScalableIn the context of customer acquisition, we want to know that customer acquisition productivity won’t degrade with additional investment.
  • DisruptivePut in simple terms, we are interested in Game Changers