About Us

At Midas Capital, we are building a future for entrepreneurship in Africa. Our goal is to partner with entrepreneurs working to build successful and enduring business across industries.

We are different. We don’t just provide capital, we partner with businesses and management teams with innovative ideas.

We share the sense of confidence and apprehension felt by every entrepreneur. We believe there is no such thing as impossible. Business lessons from our collective experiences have shaped these beliefs.

Our job is simple; to support founders who take the risk to build innovative businesses

We hand-pick the investors in Midas Capital funds with as much care as we select the businesses that we invest in.

Our Beliefs


  • Businesses don’t need investors, they need partners
  • Outstanding performance comes from consistently doing a few things better
  • Actions over words
  • Patience and Persistence are the key to massive success
  • Teams, and gradual improvement of teams, are the secret to long-term success
  • Few people are courageous enough to have conviction

You Need Help?
Businesses don’t need investors, they need partners